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Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox , sole proprietor of Soteria Health Services, began her pursuit for better health through the use of Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) in 2003. After suffering for 18 years with chronic inflammation in the joints and muscles, she found amazing relief using the EDS Discovery System. This experience led to her pursuit of alternative health as a career.

Lisa’s educational resume includes a B.S. Education from Ball State University in 1982. In the fall of 2005, she was awarded an EDS Technician Certification from DP Nutritionals, Inc. She is currently enrolled in Clayton College of Natural Health working toward a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathy (ND).

Because of her dynamic health improvement from using EDS, Lisa is now pursuing a lifelong goal of reaching as many people as possible with the gift of health by using the EDS Discovery System.

Natural Health

Soteria Health Services seeks to address health issues with a natural approach and through EDS.

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